My name is Brother Lucien!


I identify as genderqueer, autistic, and a synesthete. I believe that recognizing my own intersectionality is crucial to living a harmonious life.

I grew up Mormon, then Christian, then nothing for a while until I started crafting my own sense of spirituality as an adult. I consider myself a syncretic mystic, which means that I do not follow any one particular path, but am instead inspired by many paths. This includes Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Animism, and the psychedelic experience. I have been knowingly practicing magic for 9 years now.

I started my mental healthcare journey like many do; by engaging in the work of my own trauma healing.

After practicing reiki for several years, I transitioned into developing my own energy modality, which I simply call Energy Work. This is a hands-on, intensive work in which I spend an hour cleansing my client, essentially giving them their own personal ceremony. I incorporate singing bowls, loving touch, and aromatherapy into this work.

When I was 24, I had my first psychedelic experience and knew that I had found what was missing in my life; a connectedness to all beings with the veil of separation lifted away from me. I immediately recognized psychedelics as medicine (if used correctly). When I was 26, I began working with ayahuasca and eventually was trained in being a ceremonial guardian; a person who makes sure everyone in an ayahuasca ceremony is accounted for and taken care of, should anything happen.

It is due to this training and these past experiences that I feel comfortable holding space for people’s most vulnerable moments. And indeed, I am honored to do so.

Additionally, I have gone through a Mindfulness Intensive Training with the organization MNDFL.

As an artist, I have four albums under the monikers Axi-Ohm and Hail! The Sweet Unseen. I make everything from melodic dance music to ambient orchestral. I also am inspired to engage with contemporary dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, mask-making, and writing. My first book, Waiting on the Real Thing; A Psychedelic Memoir was released earlier this year.